~The Last Halloween is currently on hiatus while the author completes Scarlet Hollow, an episodic horror visual novel~

(Episode 1 free to play on Steam!)

The Last Halloween will return to regular updates upon completion of Episode 7 of Scarlet Hollow.

The Last Halloween, Book 1 

It's Halloween night and 10-year-old Mona is stuck inside without so much as a scary movie to watch. She figures this Halloween couldn't get any worse, but a giant monster appears in her living room to prove her very, very wrong. She is chased out into the night where she encounters some odd new friends and finds herself on a quest to save humanity from billions of monsters. Though Mona is the textbook definition of a reluctant hero, she and her friends will do their best to keep this from being... The Last Halloween.

Book 1 is published by Iron Circus Comics and is available through Amazon and most major booksellers.


The Last Halloween, Book 2 

Is currently underway. This book follows several groups of survivors five years after the events of book 1 as they try to navigate a strange new world full of monsters, humans, and the undead.


The Tale Of The Last Halloween

The Last Halloween had already spent several years being pieced together in Abby Howard's mind before she was tasked with pitching a new comic idea as part of the final round of Strip Search, a reality show for webcartoonists hosted by Penny Arcade. It was not chosen as the winner, but Abby went ahead and started posting it anyway, and was able to complete and publish Book 1.

The comic had to switch to a sporadic update schedule and eventual hiatus partway into Book 2, as Abby had to take on extra work that demanded more of her time. However, the comic will return to regular updates once she finishes work on Scarlet Hollow.


The Creator

Abby Howard grew up in North Carolina and has been drawing comics since age 13, spending her summers locked away in her room working on one project or another. She attended McGill University and studied Evolutionary Biology, but after being a contestant on the web reality show Strip Search, was able to follow her dreams of becoming a cartoonist, and ditched all that book learnin'.

She's worked as a full-time cartoonist for nearly a decade, publishing collections of both The Last Halloween and the now-retired Junior Scientist Power Hour webcomics as well as the educational book series, Earth Before Us. Iron Circus Comics has just published her first collection of short horror comics, The Crossroads At Midnight.

Abby recently made her debut in video games, having founded a game studio, Black Tabby Games, with her spouse Tony Howard-Arias. Together, they're working on Scarlet Hollow, an episodic horror game co-written and fully illustrated by Abby Howard. Episode 1 is currently out and free to play through Steam, and Episode 2 is set to debut May of 2021.

If you want to help Abby Howard continue to make beautiful works of horror, you can support her on Patreon!